Our MISSION is to:

PROMOTE and SUSTAIN the arts and artists in Boulder

We aim to:

BROADEN the base of understanding for art appreciation

SUPPORT meaningful educational initiatives in the community

CREATE more art venues for visual and performing artists in Boulder

WORK with the City of Boulder, businesses and homeowner’s associations to

DEVELOP outdoor public art display spaces and acquire art for these locations


BAM Events

BAM Events

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Aug 2019 Boulder housing partners

mural painting party with Sally eckert, artist

September 6, 2019 save the date 5:30 pm

First Friday Party - Mural reveal community party

Art and culture as community Benefit: Executive Summary

May 2017: The Boulder Comprehensive Plan is amended to include Art & Culture

August 2018: BAM Report: Art and Culture as Community Benefit

During the summer of 2018 BAM is conducting research to learn from other cities that emphasize art and culture to determine the incentives, zoning issues and other strategies used to create an economically vibrant and sustainable creative / art district. These cities include: Austin, TX, Baltimore, MD, Denver, CO, Miami, FL, Nashville, TN, Seattle, WA. Click for the full report below:

Art and Culture as Community Benefit: A Multi-City Report

Eckert, Sally, Halpern, Madeline, Portman-Marsh, Natalie (2018) Art and Culture as Community Benefit, A Multi-City Inquiry. Boulder Art Matrix.

We believe art and culture can enable better design of higher density development resulting in a more beautiful diverse community. To this end, we advocated for the change to the Boulder Comprehensive Plan to include art and culture as community benefits. After  a great deal of advocacy, research and listening, the Boulder Comprehensive Plan has been amended to include Arts and Culture as Community benefits! 

What does this mean to you?

  • New development in your neighborhood can reflect the culture of that neighborhood

  • Affordable housing projects can be enhanced by murals and public art

  • Developers will have a way to build in pedestrian areas, public art spaces, pocket parks and other neighborhood perks

  • The City of Boulder has tools to help implement sub-community plans that emphasize art and culture


2018 NEWS— Urban Land Institute final TAP report for the NoBo Art District is now available! 

October 2017:  BAM Co-sponsored The Urban Land institute Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) in North Boulder.

Sponsored by a Boulder Art Matrix Grant from the Denver Regional Council of Governments in partnership with the North Boulder Creative Community, the city of Boulder and Wild Sage Co-housing Community

The Urban Land Institute Technical Assistance Panel (TAP)  was asked to focus on the new North Boulder Art District designation. A TAP’s recommendations are designed to help communities take decisive action. The new district is in need of guidance to go from vision to implementation . There are many emerging opportunities to infuse intentional placemaking to attract visitors to the area, create affordable options for artists, and increase cohesion of the district identity.

Recommendations for North Boulder include: Short-term strategies:

  1. Build momentum by utilizing the group of local leaders convened by Matt Chasansky, Manager of the Office of Arts and Culture for the City of Boulder, to lead a community engagement process for defining a vision and identity for the art district. This outreach should also help to strengthen the participation of a broader stakeholder group to support local art and placemaking efforts.

  2. Use tactical urbanism, such as painted crosswalks and wayfinding, node activation with food trucks, and interactive projection art, to begin to knit together the district.

  3. Foster frequent activation and programming, focusing on smaller scale, more frequent activations as opposed to large scale, one-off events.

  4. Work with city staff to ensure that existing and ongoing infrastructure projects include art enhancements that will strengthen the character and legibility of the district.

  5. Give clear direction to developers, letting them know what the community wants by giving them the art district’s top priorities, such as live/work space, galleries, and community art venues.

  • Thank you to our local leaders from the city, private and non-profit community, as well as the expert panel:

    • Panel Chair: Rick Petersen, Principal of OZ Architecture

    • Bill Parkhill, Managing Member of Tributary Real Estate and Parkhill Development

    • Jamie Licko, President of RiNo Arts District and Founder and President of Centro

    • Sarah Nurmela, Real Estate & Development Manager for the City of Westminster

    • Bill Marino, Executive Director of Lakewood-West Colfax BID and Board Chair of 40 West Arts District

    • Daniel Guimond, Principal of Economic & Planning Systems



[October 8, 2015] A moderated panel discussion was held to introduce candidates for Boulder City Council. The City of Boulder has reached a critical point in its ability to maintain its reputation as a cultural destination and home for artists and creative industries. The candidates shared their views on the role art and culture plays in the vibrancy of our town. [View/read transcript.]

Hosted by Boulder Art Matrix and Boulder County Arts Alliance. 

Boulder City Council Candidates

Boulder City Council Candidates

Sally Eckert  (BAM) with  Charlotte LaSasso  (Boulder County Arts Alliance)

Sally Eckert (BAM) with Charlotte LaSasso (Boulder County Arts Alliance)

Boulder's 2nd Annual ARTS WEEK: Art is for Everyone

Art at the Armory: A Steampunk Transformation

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Art and Culture as Community Benefit

Art and Culture as Community Benefit

We believe that art and culture go hand in hand with good design that promotes neighborhood acceptance of affordable housing and development.  Each of our neighborhoods in Boulder is unique, as reflected in our diverse sub community plans.  The definition of community benefit in the Boulder Comprehensive Plan now includes arts and culture.


BAM members having fun at stevie wonder 2018